“The Good Liar” in Survivor, Lethe Press, 2018 [Fantasy; Novelette]




“The Kakashi and the Raven” in Tales of the Sunrise Lands, Guardbridge Books, 2017 [Fantasy (Japanese); Short Story]

US: Paperback   Kindle

UK: Paperback directly from Guardbridge Books or Amazon   Kindle



“Terminal” in Stories from the Near-Future, Darkhouse Books, 2016 [Science Fiction; Short Story]

US: Paperback   Kindle

UK: Paperback   Kindle


Sanitarium Mag Issue 33

“Vicious Circle” in Sanitarium Magazine, Issue 33 (May 2015)  [Horror; Short Story]

US: Paperback   Kindle

UK: Paperback   Kindle

Apple Newsstand Edition   Google Play Store   Pocketmags


Alternate Hilarities, 2nd Cover

“Small Change” in Alternate Hilarities Vol. 1, Strange Musings Press, 2014 [Fantasy (Humour); Short Story]

US: Paperback   Kindle

UK: Paperback   Kindle



“The Masterless” in Hero’s Best Friend: An Anthology of Animal Companions, Seventh Star Press, 2014 [Fantasy; Novelette]

US: Paperback   Kindle   Nook

UK: Paperback   Kindle  

Versions for Kobo and iBooks are also available.



“The Blighted” in 100 Doors to Madness, Forgotten Tomb Press, 2013 [Horror; Short Story]

US: Paperback   Kindle

UK: Paperback   Kindle



“Mark of the Warrior” in Thunder on the Battlefield, vol. 2: Sorcery, Seventh Star Press, 2013 [Fantasy; Novelette]

US: Paperback   Kindle

UK: Paperback   Kindle

Of course, the paperback and e-book of Volume 1 (Sword) are available at and, as well as other major booksellers.

Also, ebook versions of both volumes are available on Nook and Kobo.


      [free to read]

“Dirty Bits” published by Silverthought Press Online ( November 2012 Update [Science Fiction; Short Story]


Rise and Shine

“Rise and Shine” self-published, 2012 – available on Kindle [Horror; Novelette]

US: Kindle

UK: Kindle

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